Wrenne and her Wrenne.Run.Release tour come to The Forge!

Wrenne, the self proclaimed “Utah child, UK artist, Electronic Truthcatcher, Post-Mormon-Disney-Punk, Storyteller, Videomaker, Runner and Mother” will soon be celebrating the premiere of her Love and Affection video as well as the announcement of her Wrenne.Run.Release tour with us at The Forge this Thursday, March 3!! This will be the first of her ISaidYesToEverything shows where we will experience her journey from small-town Utah to the stage in London.


The Forge was lucky enough to catch up with Wrenne before her performance and ask her a few questions about her career, inspirations and dreams.

Who is your favourite composer?

The first person that came to my mind was Stephen Sondheim, the musical theatre composer. Learning his arrangements truly enlightened me, as an actress and singer, when I studied that genre. I’d say that his arrangements magnify the thought process of the character, as opposed to following a more traditional song format of verse, chorus, verse..etc….He has definitely influenced me as a songwriter.

What memory comes to mind when it comes to live performances?

I immediately think of myself as a child watching my dad sing with his guitar, and then each one of my 4 big brothers performing music throughout the years, all different genres. I was always looking up to their amazing talents.  It wasn’t until I was 22 that I discovered there was a songwriter in me.

Why did you become a musician?

I wonder if I could say I was ever NOT a musician. I continue being a musician because, well, it’s my path.

Could we have a bit of a back-story to your current album and tour?

If I were to state at time when Wrenne began, I’d probably have to say it all began with the day I came to London, straight after Uni, on a whim and adventure, running from a boy probably, and chasing after dreams. Then there was the time I discovered I was a human. Then the choices. The saying yes to everything. The marriage. The love. The baby. The love. The divorce. The love. The far away feeling. The running. The growing up. The witnessing a childhood. The letting go. The love. The Never. Going. Back.  The artistry. The running. The crying. The making the life. The need to communicate…. what was the question?!

A sneak-peak at one of the pieces your will be performing March 3rd?

Of course I’ll be performing originals, including the songs on my EP “London” and forthcoming album “ISaidYesToEverything” with the exception of one cover: my humble take on Joan Armatrading’s heavenly “Love and Affection!”


Come see Wrenne perform at The Forge Thursday, March 3rd. Tickets still available!!

For more information, or to book tickets, click here!