The Forge Turns 7!

Happy Birthday!

April 15th is a special day for us. Our beloved Forge turns 7 this year!SMALL forge venue

It has been a challenging but rewarding journey. We’ve transformed over the years, from a small scale venue specialising primarily in classical & jazz, always in the heart of Camden, now into a multi-cultural, influential venue on the London music scene.

The Forge has always attempted to embody the vibrancy, charm, and eclecticism of Camden Town, bringing together the diversity of London’s eclectic music scene under one roof with a 300 capacity – making it an intimate setting and firm favourite amongst musicians and music-lovers alike. The Forge showcases the best in world music, poetry and spoken word, storytelling, indie and folk, classical and contemporary classical, from intimate theatre to free weekend reggae parties.

We would like to extend our thanks to absolutely everyone who has ever supported us. The performers and musicians that chose to present their talent with us, the patrons and customers that have come and gone from our venue over the past seven years, and especially those who have stayed with us and seen our transformation. We’d also like to thank all staff, past, current and new!  Only time will tell where The Forge will end up in the future, but until then, let’s enjoy this year, especially April 15th!


We are having a party to celebrate our birthday! Find all of the festivity information here, but we definitely all deserve to enjoy ourselves and celebrate our venue this Friday, April 15th!

The Forge 2014 c

If you’d like to know a bit more about our journey as a venue Adam Caird, co-founder and owner of The Forge has taken time to answer a few questions about The Forge over the years.


What do you think have been the biggest transformations of The Forge over the last seven years?

I think the biggest change has been in the development of the programme and the use of the building. When we started out we had the occasional big event but generally we were operating a small chamber venue alongside Caponata Restaurant. Most of the concerts featured young artists at the start of their career and in the early days we had a lot of events with pretty small audiences as we worked to establish ourselves as a venue. Seven years on, now The Forge is making full use of our magnificent building with all its wonderful flexible possibilities, the programme has really diversified and we regularly sell out our full 300 standing capacity.

Do you think the mission / goals have changed as The Forge has continued to establish itself as a landmark in Camden Town?

Although much has changed over the last 7 years, the core values and aims are in many ways exactly what they were when we opened – mainly to promote top quality music in a fantastic setting. We’ve been on an amazing journey from where we started to where we are now but I am really proud that we have always maintained the highest standards and a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.


 What is the most rewarding part about being the owner/director of The Forge?

I find it really hard to step back and appreciate what has been achieved at The Forge. I’m generally too deeply involved in what’s going on and looking forward to where we’re trying to get to. I’m always proud of the brilliant events we put on and our wonderful team that make them happen but I think maybe the most rewarding thing for me is that people regularly come in and remark on the special atmosphere that the venue has. This makes me feel that we have created something unique and intangible that lives within the venue and continues to nourish both staff and visitors regardless of the specific path we choose to take. I suppose I’m talking about the spirit of the venue, which is something very special.  


Has The Forge become the place you have envisaged it to be? Are you there yet?

In some ways yes, in other ways no. We always wanted it to become a vibrant creative hub and a great place to be and I feel we’ve achieved that. The Forge is now very different to how it was at the beginning and we’re not doing exactly what we set out to do but I’ve learnt over the years that it’s best to embrace the organic development of the venue. The vibrancy and creativity comes from being open to input from others – colleagues, musicians, promoters, event organisers,  audience members or anyone else that comes across our path. At the same time, we are now custodians of what we have created and have to ensure that the venue is run in a financially sustainable way which does have to dictate some of the decisions we make. In the long run I would like to see The Forge establish itself as one of the most celebrated venues of its size in London. I think we’ve made a good start along that road but that kind of reputation takes a long time to establish so we need to just keep doing what we do and hope that you all enjoy visiting our lovely venue as much as we enjoy working there.
Thanks again to absolutely everyone, and remember we are having a party to celebrate our birthday! Find all of the festivity information here, but we definitely all deserve to enjoy ourselves and celebrate our venue this Friday, April 15th!