Forge Hire – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I have musicians at my event? Can I have a DJ?

Yes. The Forge is a music venue. We can facilitate all of your musicians’ needs except for hiring musical instruments/equipment. We also have sound engineers and DJs available.

2. Can we have food/drinks at our event? Can we bring our own?

Yes. The Forge will arrange catering for your event, but we do not allow food to be brought in from outside on the premises. Catering needs to be ordered and paid for at least two weeks in advance of your booking.

3. Where can I find information about:

  • Size?
  • Capacity?
  • Floor-space?
  • Tech-spec?
  • Pictures of the space?

Please see the relevant hire pages or our tech spec.

4. Can I come and see the space?

Yes you are welcome to come in. It is most informative for the client to see the space in order to understand how the venue works. If you would like to be shown round as part of a meeting about a hire-out, please contact to arrange a visit.

6. I want my event in The Forge to be between different hours than the session period shown on the hire charge sheet. Why do I have to pay for more hours than I need?

As a music venue we offer standard session rates to cover recording times/concerts and rehearsals etc. In order to meet our running costs we cannot afford for the venue to remain un-booked/dark for hours at a time and may run up to 3 different events over the day/evening. So for example if a private hire finishes at 8.30pm, it is too late to sound-check, set-up and put on another evening concert/gig, which means that the space would left empty from 8.30-11pm and the running costs of the building are harder to meet.

7. Is it possible to pay for an hour before the stated session rate – i.e. from 9am or after 11pm?

Yes. The client will be charged a standard hourly rate for that available time. (Late finishes are subject to venue licence).

8. The Forge prices seem too high for me/us as someone working in the creative industry. Is there any room for negotiation on your prices?

Unfortunately not; The Forge operates as a Community Interest Company. As a venue we offer very competitive rates for the space, and any profit left over is reinvested into supporting arts projects within the community.  We do however offer separate rates for private/commercial hire, musician hire & charity/arts org hire.

9. I can’t get through on the phone!

Do not fret! If we are not in the office, we are generally working elsewhere via email. We are all contactable via email which should be answered within 48 hours (during office hours).