Concert Bites Supper Club – Tuesday 23rd April

Tuesday 23rd April sees the launch of a brand new concert series with supper club at The Forge & Foundry. This unique event showcases our two great passions – music and food – with a performance by pianist and Forge & Foundry director Adam Caird followed by a multi-course supper club specially designed to reflect the concert programme by the hugely talented Foundry chefs.

Adam Caird writes: ‘It’s been an amazing experience working with the Foundry chefs to produce a menu that represents our collective interpretation of these musical works. We started by all sitting round in The Forge while I played a few extracts and we all discussed the kind of dishes and ingredients that reflected each piece. This then gave them a basic idea with which to go away and put together their dishes which we then talked through and tweaked to come up with the final menu.

I offered my ideas and opinions but these dishes are really the chefs’ own personal responses to what they hear in the music. The next stage is to present both the music and the menu to an audience and see what they think of our interpretations. I’m sure this will provoke some interesting debate along with gastronomic enjoyment and my hope is that this new supper club will become a fascinating forum for the appreciation of great music and food.’

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