Camden Migration Festival Live Pop-Up Studio Artists

Ghosts of Gone Birds Live Art Studio, The Foundry Room 26 Sept-6 October 2014
Resurrecting extinct birds can be hard work. And now you can see for yourself as we invite 11 very
different artists to each dedicate a day to breathing creative life back into the birds we have lost.
But we’re not just setting up a special pop-up Ghosts studio for the artists in the Foundry Room
upstairs at The Forge – we’re also adding a real old, weather-beaten bird hide from RSPB Coquet
Island for visitors to use to quietly observe the artists at work. So this is your chance to see extinct
birds resurrected before your very eyes. Eleven days. 11 artists. Working hard to create a new
Ghosts Gallery of Gone Birds.

Day 1: Friday Sept.26th – Kate L’Amie, Textile Artist

Kate is bringing along her sewing machine, scrap bag and scissors to start resurrecting Gone Birds
through a mixture of applique and machine embroidery. She’s always been passionate about birds
and conservation, taking inspiration from the avian population of the south coast around her home
just outside Portsmouth.

Kate Gillard 1 Kate Gillard 2 Kate Gillard 3

Day 2: Saturday Sept. 27th – Menna Jenkins, Lino Print

Menna is an illustrator from Stroud, Gloucestershire. In 2010 she achieved a First Class BA Hons in
Illustration from Edinburgh College of Art. She went on to study MA Printmaking at Camberwell
College of Art and graduated in 2012. She will be bringing along her own mini portable printing
press to the Live Art Studio to create a series of lino prints resurrecting extinct birds. The work
will then be hung out to dry on lines criss-crossing the vertical living green wall downstairs in the Forge.

Menna 1Menna 2

Day 3: Sunday Sept. 28th – Chris Harrendence, Illustrator

Chris lives on a Welsh hillside, just past the ‘middle-of-nowhere’. Working with a variety of media he
aims to combine traditional methods of illustration with new techniques, creating work that is often
humorous and sometimes whimsical, but also has a darker melancholic narrative that explores the
themes of the human condition.

Chris 1Chris 2Chris 3

Day 4: Monday Sept. 29th – Lana Alana

Lana Alana is the work of London based Painter & Graphic Designer Lana Hughes. One third of
design & mural painting studio Animaux Circus, she loves the fact that the nature of her work
is very versatile – ranging from hand lettering & illustration to large scale exterior murals, hand
painted signage, Interactive displays & workshops. Drinking coffee & eating too much Avocado
in her studio in North London, she spends most of her days working & experimenting with the
use of many mediums – ranging from creative suite to finding walls in the city to paint with
shiny spray cans.

Lana 1 Lana 2Lana 3

Day 5: Tuesday Sept. 30th – Rachel Sedman

Rachel lives in Yorkshire and has a healthy obsession for all varieties of winged creatures.
When time permits, she likes to try to form images representing flight. She’s migrating south
for her one day residency at the Ghosts Live Art Studio to help restore some of our Gone Birds
back to creative life.

Rachel 1 Rachel 2 Rachel 3

Day 6: Wednesday Oct. 1st – Jealous Studio Special featuring Adam Bridgland,
Danny Augustine & Jess Wilson

Three of the leading lights of Jealous Studios will be combining their talents for the day to help
breathe life back into the birds we have lost.

Since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 2006, Adam has used
a diverse range of materials and working methods to pursue an incisive and often witty exploration of
distinctively British sentiments, externalising the underlying sense of loss and nostalgia that permeates
our memories. Born in 1986 and raised in Hackney, Danny Augustine studied Fine Art at the University
of East London. Danny’s work deals predominantly with ideas of identity and gender. Jess Wilson graduated in 2006 and has been living and working in London ever since.
Using crayons, paints, inks and paper to create her unique illustrations and typographic works, she
draws inspiration from humorous occurrences which happen around her in real life and in the media.

Jealous 1 Jealous 2 Jealous 3

Day 7: Thurs Oct. 2nd – Clare Lindley, Papercut Artist

Clare only started papercutting recently after years of painting – now she has discovered this
combination of art and craft she can’t imagine ever picking up a paintbrush again. Although she has
spent her whole life in the countryside its only now that she has started drawing inspiration from the
natural world around her. All her work is drawn out by hand then cut out with a scalpel – no
computers involved!

She creates papercut art often inventing the birds she depicts – now she will turn her paper-cutting
talents to re-discovering the birds that have disappeared in the last two centuries.

Clare 1 Clare 2 Clare 3

Day 8: Friday Oct. 3rd – Miranda Pennington, Painter

Miranda studied Public Art at Chelsea College of Art in London, specialising in sculptural glass.
She loves birds, maps and feathers. She doesn’t paint cats! She is obsessed with detail and colour.
Most works begins using watercolour, then she adds acrylic, ink, liquid gold and sometimes collage
using photoshop. She has exhibited over the last few years at Artist Open Houses as part of the
Eastbourne Festival and more recently at the Foundry Gallery in Lewes.

Miranda 1 Miranda 2

Day 9: Saturday Oct. 4th – Regan O’Callaghan, Painter

Regan’s artwork is inspired by many of the extinct birds of New Zealand where he originates from,
combining an Irish and Maori heritage. He moved to the UK in 1993 where he studied art and
religious studies and began his fascination with the technique of icon writing, combining contemporary
themes with traditional techniques. In 2001 he was ordained into the Church of England. His recent art
commissions includes an icon for St Pauls Cathedral featuring the Huia.

For the Live Art Studio, Regan is planning a piece called “Te Aroha o te  Koreke” – “For the Love of
New Zealand Quail” – an installation dedicated to the Koreke or NZ Quail to be constructed out of
willow and mixed media with an egg tempera painted, gilded and etched candle as a centre piece.
By using willow – an introduced species – he wants to remind viewers of the fragile nature of eco
systems in island nations and how these environments have been quickly altered at the expense of
species like the Koreke. The candle will be a symbol of remembrance and loss inspired by the following
maori saying

Whiti koreke, ka kitea kow! 
Haere whakaparirau i a koe, haere whakamanu!

The quail springs up, you’re found!
Go and get yourself wings, go and turn into a bird!

Regan 2

Image 1


Day 10: Sunday Oct. 5th – Suzy Sharpe, Illustrator

Suzy is a graduate of authorial illustration at Falmouth. Her practice is broadly based and includes
painting, drawing, printmaking and installation. Her interests are held together with an inescapable
and continual attempt to create a dialogue around the human/animal relationship, against the
backdrop of a society, in which the distance between them seems ever increasing. ​Her father was a
butcher and she currently lives on a smallholding in rural Cornwall where a variety of non-human
animals, including livestock, pets and wildlife punctuate her days and inspire her work. Issues
relating to food, farming, wildlife, pet keeping and the effects that humans have on the environment
are always at the forfront of her mind and research.  Using her work as a vehicle Suzy explores,
questions and celebrates the relationships between humans, animals and the environment that
we share.  A lot of her recent work has been influenced by the 100 year anniversary of the death of
Martha, the very last passenger pigeon.

Suzy 1 Suzy 2

Day 11: Monday Oct. 6th – Danielle Phelps, Animator

Danielle will actually be working with us over several days but using the last day as her official day in
residence at the Live Art Studio to set up a darkroom and finish her short animated film, a proposed
A to Z of avian extinction.

Danielle 1 Danielle 2 Danielle 3

Day 1-11: Luke Thomas Smith – Soundtack

Luke will be creating the Ghosts Migration Soundtrack that will be playing throughout the lifespan
of the Live Art Studio project. His influences range from work concerned with repetition and
abstraction such as Theo van Doesburg’s compositions and Eva Hesse’s ‘Grid’ and ‘Circle’ drawings,
to artists and creative thinkers assessing our interaction with digital technology and its possible
impact on society such as Nicholas Carr and Jaron Lanier. Luke previously created a series of Ghosts
bird portraits with embedded QR codes that allowed you to download their lost birdsongs.

Luke 1 Luke 2 Luke 3 Luke 4

Day 1- 11: Wesley Davies – Resident Warden, Coquet Island, Northumberland

Supported by Northumberland Tourism, Wesly and his RSPB team will be transporting the original,
weather-beaten bird hide they use on Coquet Island down to the Ghosts Live Art Studio so that visitors
can not only secretly observe the artists at work but also experience what life is like stationed inside
an authentic bird-hide. Coquet Island is home to 4 tern species including the sole UK roseate tern
colony – as well as Atlantic puffins, black-headed gulls and eider ducks.

Bird hide